International Conference on Sustainable Employability

Brussels, 14-16 September 2016 - Square Brussels Meeting Centre

People have to work increasingly longer because of economic and demographic changes. This reality has led several countries to raise the retirement age. Yet, a policy of letting people work longer can only work if their employability is maintained sustainable throughout their entire career. Organizations will thus inevitably have to deal with the challenge of maintaining their people’s employability over time. Human Resources and Occupational Health must be the primary drivers of this sustainable employability. It is therefore important that both fields interact with each other as well as with their respective academic communities.

Bringing science and practical know-how of both areas together should facilitate the translation of scientific knowledge into practice and the transfer of the needs of the practitioners to the scientific community.

Building bridges between science and practice.

The conference aims to bring together scientists and professionals of all disciplines involved in sustainable employability by offering a platform to exchange scientific knowledge and practical know-how. 

Both academics and professionals are encouraged to submit an abstract and to present their work (scientific or practical case studies) to each other, in order to enhance mutual communication.

Who should attend?

Everybody involved in sustainable employability: scientists and researchers in the fields of Occupational Health & Safety and Human Resource Management, company leaders, HR professionals (HR directors, HR managers, HR business partners, HR consultants), Occupational Health & Safety professionals (occupational physicians, occupational psychologists, occupational health and safety services), governmental institutions, employer organizations and trade unions.

We would like to spark debate. Academics are encouraged to present their work in a comprehensible manner and professionals are encouraged to express their expectations towards the academic world.

What to expect?


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How to get to the conference?

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Conference Topic

  • (Socio-)demographic analysis, including age and/or generational analysis
  • Cross-generational collaboration and diversity management
  • Health promotion at work
  • Job crafting
  • Leadership
  • Mobility issues, including international mobility
  • New forms of work organization, including working time arrangements and spatiotemporal flexibility
  • Prevention of and managing workers with chronic musculoskeletal disorders
  • Prevention of and managing workers with mental disorders
  • Psychosocial and organizational factors at work
  • Sickness absence and return to work
  • Talent management, career management
  • Work ability throughout the life course, including active ageing policies
  • Workplace social capital

Special sessions:

  1. Sustainable employability and cardiovascular disease”, organized by the ICOH Scientific Committee Cardiology in Occupational Health (ICOH-CVD)
  2. Unemployment, job insecurity, and sustainable employability”, organized by the ICOH Scientific Committee Unemployment, Job Insecurity and Health (ICOH-UJIH)

Other relevant topics on sustainable employability are welcome as well. Interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged.